Monday, May 16

丁度いい・just right

So April has come and gone but that hasn't been the case for blog posts. April was a weird month - I'm not really sure what happened so for now, I'll use that as my scapegoat. It's weird - when so much time has passed usually there's a lot to talk about but because so much time has passed it's as if I've completely moved on past things that have happened. And yet, a simple scroll through my photos will prompt all the jokes, stupid moments, amazing food and selfies that took place. I could check but I'm just gonna go ahead and say that April was filled with those. Somehow, this post is starting to feel melancholic but I think the main point I was getting at is that I don't have anything significant to say today. 

(rodeo crowns skirt, forever 21 top, nike 5.0 shoes)


Naz x

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