Wednesday, March 9

どうしよう・what to do

Have you ever struggled to write 3 letters? Like really struggled? Cause that's exactly what delayed this post from being posted 2 hours ago. So basically my mouse pad is a piece of s**t and doesn't move smoothly anymore. I was editing a photo (as you'll see) and was trying to write 'lol' for the LONGEST TIME. Then of course once I actually accomplished that (30 mins later), my laptop decides to crash while it saves. Now this, naturally, means that I should take an hours break to pretend that I didn't just waste all that time on the most insignificant word ever. 

On the other hand, this sweater is the best thing ever. Got it in the men's section which, by the way, always seems to have better stuff.


Naz x

p.s. what looks like a bilingual post title is actually a trilingual one because 'what to do' is the name of a Korean song to which I leave the link here below. har har so clever.

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