Thursday, February 11

変な日・ a strange day

Winter means going out in public and leaving only your eyes visible to the crowd. God forbid you show your mouth. Of course, in this space I felt obliged to show at least more than 1-2 quarters of my face but truthfully, once I leave my apartment, the scarf goes up and the hat comes down. It's all eye-action from there on out.

On another note, today was a really weird day. From getting the location of a taiko performance wrong to having a local man stare at my friend and I from across the street to this said friend losing her wallet and us having to go to the police box with her landlord and him wanting to see where my apartment is to buying shoes and getting parfaits at a cafe, today was a really weird day.

p.s. the old man was super cute and we waved at each other and nodded. ><

(randomly inserted photos: illuminations at Nabano no Sato; and an amazing dinner I had recently)


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