Tuesday, April 14


Yes, I repeat: I'M GOING TO JAPAN. A few posts back I mentioned that I applied for the JET Programme where you go to Japan as an Assistant Language Teacher for English. The process is really length and luckily I got an interview and waited for the results for about 2 months. Then on April 1st, I saw a brown envelope in the postbox and thought, "This is it. I bet this is it." and my thoughts were confirmed when I saw the official embassy stamp. It did cross my mind that it was april fool's day but for extra measure, the letter was dated 31st of March! It's so weird, I mean I kind of believe it but then there are moments where I think, "Oh my god I really am going!!" I won't be leaving until the end of July so for now, studying and exams are the focus. I was all over twitter about the news and I wanted to write about it here, well, 2 weeks ago but I didn't want to tack it on as an extra with an outfit post. As well as writing here, I'll be tweeting more frequently about what's going on in the next few months so follow me here if you wanna know more :)

So anyway, these photos are from the 'Experience Japan' festival that I went to yesterday. It was absolutely freezing but still good fun; there were dance performances, karate demonstrations, kimono & yukata dressing, calligraphy and lots of other things!  I also lined up for 25 minutes to get yakisoba but it was so worth it.




  1. Yaaaaay, as a fellow Japan addict I am sooo happy for you! Hope you don't leave the bloggy and really hope you post about your experience there, can't wait, I'm so excited! ^^

  2. Congratulations! A number of my friends taught in Japan and enjoyed their experience.


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