Thursday, March 5


For the lack of current inspiration, I've decided to name the next few posts after the title of the book I'm reading. This way, people will look at the post and think 'Atonement? What's atonement got to do with an outfit post? Is she trying to be all deep!?' this, of course, will lead to an inevitable click of curiosity and voila! they're now a reader of my blog. That's genius self-marketing right there. 

But this doesn't mean that I've finished the previous book when I write a new post since I'm currently reading 3-4 books at the same time (English-literary-student-problems ay?). I'm halfway through 'Atonement' and so far so good! (Briony is a pain in the ass though amiright?) But alas, I'm taking a break from it and have started the next one...which you shall know from the title of the next post ( see?). 

(river island bag, zara leggings)

p.s. Sorry that the colours are a bit off here, editing was a pain because despite going out around golden hour I was having some problems with the shade (evident from the one patch of sunshine) and I was rushing! If you didn't notice then none of this happened...carry on. 



  1. ROFL, brilliant marketing strategy, will most definitely try it! :-D Haha!
    Digging this mustard knit sooo much, it's adorable! I'm currently also reading 4 books, I feel weird! O_o

  2. That's a great shade on you, and great thinking out of the box for marketing. Haha!

    I followed you on bloglovin ;-)


  3. I like very much your sweater my dear and I'm really curious for you new book!!! Kisses from Italy (and thank you for your visit),

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