Sunday, January 25


If you're following me on twitter, then you've probably witnessed my obscene ups and downs as regards exams! But that's all over and done with *dusts hands together*. It's weird, I didn't know what to do with myself today! But the day right after exams I was a cleaning goddess and spent all day tidying, cleaning, and dusting my room. The result: a beautiful, spotless room/haven. 

Oh and as for this outfit, I've been unashamedly living out of these leggings and my newly acquired large sweatshirt is a godsend. 

(zara sweater and leggings, stradivarius boots, h&m beanie)


Naz x

(give this song a try!!)


  1. Great sweater! X Laura

  2. Yaaaay, happy to hear your exams are finally over! Maybe you can start tending to your blog child :D Love this casual and laid back outfit, the sweatshirt is awesome!

  3. You look great, good look with your interview!

    Jules x


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