Sunday, February 1

cut-out heart

I'm not really one for polka-dot dresses or heart-shaped cut-outs but after scouring through town with my sister trying to find a suitable interview outfit, we settled on this dress. I wore it with a blazer, pointy flats and nice little leather bag. I wanted to recreate the outfit but I didn't have the blazer or more accurately, I gave it back to my sister (hehe); and so I decided just to dress it down. 
Anyway, February is almost upon us and that means college starts again (... all too soon).

And in case you were wondering, the interview went pretty well; I came out feeling satisfied with my answers (although a few questions stumped me) but not gonna get my hopes up too high just in case. Fingers crossed!

(forever 21 dress)


Naz x


  1. Polka Dot looks amazing on you, you should wear it more often. Love how you accessorized it aswell.


  2. Huge fan of your sunglasses!

  3. very cute and casual here and I'm sure it looked great dressed up with the blazer!

  4. what a lovely blog post !!

    love your blog

    new post would love to know your thoughs

    have a nice day


  5. Great look - like the pairing of the boots with dress

    Leo, Levitate Style

  6. It's insane how much this hairstyle suits you!

  7. Omg, when did you cut your hair? It's awesome! And it suits you so much! Adore the polka dot dress, the shape is great and so comfy, and the cut out on the back makes it special! ^_^ Crossing fingers for the interview here!!!

  8. Donatella AcamporaFeb 7, 2015, 3:41:00 PM

    Nice look!!! The dress is perfect!!! *-*


  9. I actually cut around September but have been regularly cutting it shorter hehe thanks fingers crossed!

  10. Nice dress

    love the back side!


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