Friday, November 14

Mesh / Lace

Firstly, can I just say a huge hello to all the new visitors and especially new readers from bloglovin! HELLO. The other day, I checked my blog stats and saw that there was a huge spike in pageviews; I frowned, let out a little sigh and thought to myself, "it's spam messing up my stats". But there it was, I saw the words "" in the referer section. More frowning and disbelief ensued until I clicked the link and yep, there I was. I'm not 18 anymore but hey who cares! I can tell you, no exaggeration, I literally shouted "WTF" (and not WTF the acronym) at my screen, and had an expression that was a cross between a twisted smile and hysterical laughter. You can see the feature here. Now, all I have to say is 'lol'. But seriously, there's been a huge influx of followers especially on instagram and bloglovin so thanks Buzzfeed and you all!

I wrote this in my updated 'about' section but it's worth repeating again. A lot of you have emailed me recently about how I'm learning Korean and blogger questions! It's been great talking to yous so feel free to write for anything

Just drop me an email for a detailed answer (, tweet me (@lazyobsession) or if you want, leave a comment in one of the posts,감사합니다!

Oh and yeah, new shoes. I'm not a heel person and I've specific tastes but every once in a while, you see a pair and think, "YES. Those shoes! THAT is for me." and that's exactly what happened. The mesh, laces and height are all perfect for me.


  1. Hahahah, congrats! Your bloggy is adorable and so are you, I only wished you posted more often, but I get that you have a life, not like some people....ahem :D
    Love the shoes!

  2. Keiti you've been here since the start hahah thank you! I know, I really want to post more and I'm gonna try write down a proper schedule, I'll try make the time :)

  3. Great post! Hoep you start posting more.

    Skin & Roses

  4. Perfect outfit for a perfect girl <3

  5. I love mesh too!


  6. Love your blog!! Just followed you on bloglovin'. Your shoes are so cute too, I'm not a heel person either but those are really ace. And thanks for sharing the song, just put it in my playlist :)

  7. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! Beautiful heels! Very Aquazurra xx

  8. hey thanks a mil! wooo it's such a brilliant song.


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