Friday, October 31

안녕하세요! / Lonely

I should just rename my blog to "Once again, I'm sorry I haven't posted in ages, I've been super busy with college and the weather's being a b*tch". I'll admit that when it's been more than a week and I fall out of the blogging routine, I get a little lazy (a lot lazy). But seriously, being in my last year of college is already so stressful (so many cases in Law, so many readings in English - to which everyone will say 'duh'). On another note, 안녕하세요! Hehe, yes that's Korean and since the start of October I've been diligently learning it (a.k.a. procrastinating) simply because I found this Kpop band I like (B1A4), then my sis said there was an infographic to learn the Korean alphabet in 15mins (yes, really) and so I did, but it felt wrong to end it there!

Also, at the end of this post is my absolute favourite song at the moment by B1A4 (I love CNU)...just give it a try, 감사합니다!

Oh my god, I almost forgot to mention that on my birthday I had a major haircut! I now have an undercut on the sides and back of my head; I wasn't planning on it but the hairdresser offered and I happily accepted - I like change.

p.s. if you're a Korean speaker looking for an English buddy, hit me up or any Koreans/Korean-learners email me :)

(h&m top, zara jeans, pull & bear sandals)



  1. That jumper is perfect! Nice outfit :)

    Jules x

  2. Lovely outfit and I love your hair!!!

  3. Wow I love your outfit! You look great and your style is perfect! :)
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  4. Love you're style! & do you hae tips to learning hangul?! I REEAAALLLYY want to learn :)

  5. Hey Lin, yup of course! well I started out with this: and then I just searched around for more info cause there are some more pronunciation and basic rules, all very simple though! Just don't stick too rigidly to the english equivalents, some letters sound like a cross between two sounds :) hope that helps!

  6. I literally jumped when I read Hangul ! B1A4 are one hella great group ! You should check others though ! K-pop is like that huge pit full of treasures. Check Winner-Empty too Ailee-Heaven. Oh god there's so much to K-pop I could spend the day recommending !
    I really love your style by the way. I wish I could dress as chill as you

  7. Oh my goodness I was trying to get away from kpop so I looked up fashion blogs and found this gem. Ahaha seems like i can't get rid of kpop! :p love this song so much!! anyways your style is awesome and hey I'm trying to learn Korean too, do you recommend any tips for learning?

  8. Wow nice outfit!

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  9. hahaha kpop is just meant to be, there's no way out! no way HIGH five! Definitely learn Hangul first, visit and don't try to draw a parallel to English for everything - some things are just 'Korean' and you'll slow yourself down otherwise. Same thing with trying to read Hangul, dont relate it all to the roman alphabet :) feel free to email me for more!

  10. I'm definitely gonna check them all out! No, please go on, I could totally do with some more recommendations. Oh and thank you ;) Really I'm just very lazy with dressing sometimes haha


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