Wednesday, August 20

Dernière Danse

If we're going to personify clothes, then I would say smock dresses are my best friends: I don't get sick of them, they're comfy (friends can be comfy) and due to the baggy waistline (can you describe waistlines as baggy?) they don't reject me if I indulge in too much dessert. On a different and very familiar note, it's been awhile since I've done an outfit post and that always results in me suddenly forgetting that I do have control of my limbs and so, I can't remember what exactly to 'do' in front of the camera. Thank goodness for the copious amounts of shots taken.

Also: new shades! (finally.)

(vero moda knit, zara dress, ASOS shoes, UO sunglasses) Photos by Kevin

note to self: don't wear a very crumpled, low-neck cami under this dress while taking photos. 


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  1. Looks very good outfit.


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