Thursday, August 7

say you'll be there

I can finally say that my lack of blogging is due to something worthwhile and not my usual lazying about at home, reading obscene amounts of manga. For the first time ever, this girl is getting some dolla$$ (I was going to say 'dough' but any excuse to use the $ sign). Earning money while eating copious amounts of free froyo has never felt so good! Although, regrettably, my messed up sleeping pattern (I once stayed up until 10am) combined with my lack of motivation results in this blog feeling a little neglected and blue. This also means that these recent acquisitions you see here aren't that recent so be prepared for another at the end of the month! Sorry blog and thanks to those of you who manage to stick around. Y'all cool  ✌. 

hollister undies, topshop rings, pull and bear sandals

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