Sunday, June 29


PUMA Suedes here

The lovely folk at Canoe Inc. sent me these gorgeous pair of kicks from the PUMA Suede collection. No kidding, I wore them the first day they arrived and they are super comfy! It's also perfect timing because I've been in a bit of a shoe rut - it's too warm to wear boots and not warm enough to wear sandals throughout the whole day. Also, big news, I finally got a job! Gone will be the days of having to ask for money and living the lowly student life (well, to a certain extent). I'm going to be travelling a lot back and forth from the city so what better than doing so with comfortable shoes; and as someone whos closet colour palette ranges from black to white with greys in between, the red is a much needed infusion of colour. 

An outfit post featuring the suedes will be coming soon!

Hope you're all well!
Naz x

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