Sunday, May 11

where have I been [?]

I haven't disappeared off the face of the earth and I haven't forgotten about you all but what I have forgotten this past year is to keep up with my studies: I have one week to catch up with a semester's worth of material. (I'm seriously in some deep sh*t!!) I had two English assignments due on the same day and my friend and I submitted them with 6 MINUTES to spare before the deadline! I was so stressed that day.

I've missed posting so much and I'm super sorry! I also haven't forgotten about the giveaway but you'll have to bear with me for the rest of May! My exams start on the 19th right through to the 29th so I'm giving you all fair warning ;) but I hope you'll stick around. Wish me luck!

Hope you're all well, 
Naz x

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