Thursday, May 22

subtly spring

 (asos shoes, vero moda cardi)

I don't know where I found the strength to go outside and do this shoot but it happened! I was absolutely wrecked from staying in the college library all day, there was no one at home and weirdly enough, the first thing I wanted to do was this. It's a bit of a lazy outfit which I'm sure is not surprising! It's actually getting so much warmer and I love that I can wear light fabrics and loose knits/jackets. Also, today, it. was. roasting. outside. Unfortunately, I was cooped inside the library most of the day studying. OK, seeing as I have nothing else to talk about except studying and the weather, I think it's time to say bye! But before that, maybe it'll interest you to know that it is currently very calm outside and I'm going to study right after this. Heh. 

Hope you're well!
Naz x

p.s. listen to the song at the end - it's two beautiful pieces performed by the Cinematic Orchestra!

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