Wednesday, April 9


That's right I'm SICK - of life, college, friends and this blog. Heh just kidding; I was going to continue that 'joke' for awhile but I think I better just move on. I really am sick and have been bedridden since Sunday! Being sick obviously sucks but after the first horrible day (major migraine) it hasn't been too bad sitting at home, reading, having my siblings be nice to me and of course, watching Pok√©mon. 

I thought it'd be much better to let you all know rather than just disappearing off for awhile. Unfortunately, I won't be able to get an ootd post up for a few days! There's also a ball event coming up on thursday which I'm super excited about; I'm trying my best not to look like a zombie after this death cold. Make sure to follow me on instagram (nasreenosman) to see pics :) They'll mostly be iphone pics so that ain't going to make the cut for the blog. 

Hope you're all well and not having to sneeze all the time. 
Naz x

p.s. I love how you usually see that drink in sunny places but nope, I'm just gonna open that can of sunshine in my dimly-lit room and be all...germy. 

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