Friday, March 28

You Can Be Happy If You Want To Be

Every month I gather and save photos that I love or that have struck me in some way. I try to stick to ones where I feel I just have to have it and feel I'll be at a loss if I scroll by!

It's always fun to see if there's a pattern to what I'm loving at a certain time. I've noticed that most of these pics feature medium-short haired girls; I lurrrrve short hair and I'm still trying to find a style that really suits me!

I mentioned in my last post that when I get to 200 bloglovin followers I'm going to do a giveaway so get following ;)

Last thing - I've been a JPOP 2000's binge for awhile so don't be weirded out that I just posted a song that majority of you may not (or may!) like.

- Naz x

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