Tuesday, March 25


We drove into the city for the sole purpose of finding this location and taking a few snaps. Mission Accomplished. The walls were beautifully littered with graffiti with play props thrown around and the one dude who was thinking, 'what the heck are they doing?'
Moving on, today was my first day back at college after reading week and to be honest I actually missed it! Not the classes but the people, atmosphere and just the feeling that you're actually doing something during the day and not just lazying about!

Photos by Kevin
(urban outfitters jacket, h&m skirt & top)

ALSO I'm almost at 200 followers on bloglovin!! I think that's the perfect time for my first giveaway ;) what do you think? Follow button is juuuust down there.

Hope your weeks off to a good start!
Naz x

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