Monday, March 10


I actually got up to stuff at the weekend! My sister, her friend Tom and I decided to be all culturey and visit the museum and a photography exhibition. 

On the Friday we went to the little photography exhibition. Being honest, a lot of the photos were crap and really obvious but there were a few standout ones. What made the day even better was pretending we were art critics as well as making up little/terrible stories for the work (I do appreciate good art, I swear!)

Saturday morning waiting for the bus! I'm wearing the same jacket and bag as Friday but I never took photos of the cute dress I wore :( 

We made our way to the Museum of Decorative Arts and History in Dublin where, upon arrival, a really nice lady asked if we wanted to take part in a photography experiment. They had set up a camera secured in a box which you controlled with an iPad and app so that you don't have to ask strangers to take your photo, pretty smart I think. So, when asked if we wanted to do it, we decided to get a little quirky.  

Afterwards, we headed to 'Foam', a really cool hipsterey yet flamboyant café. Just look at all those picture frames!

(M&S knit, bershka jeans, new look boots - new boots yay! river island hat  - old)

I had such a good time and next time we plan on heading to the museum of modern art which I think will be more interesting! That's all for now I guess, but you can find more casual and selfie photos from the day on my instagram (nasreenosman) :) 

Help me procrastinate doing an assignment by letting me know what you got up to over the weekend!

Hope you're all well!
Naz x

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