Friday, March 7

feels like we only go backwards

(forever 21 shirt)

Ever since getting my camera, I've been trying to experiment and naturally, that started with self-portraiture. It's weird how taking photos of yourself is; it's a combination of trying new things, self-expression and the satisfaction of getting the result you want BUT also, the failure spurs me on to keep taking more shots and try new effects. By no means are these amazing photos but just thought I'd share other things besides outfit posts and if I'm being totally honest, well, I haven't had a chance to take new photos. Tomorrow, I'm meeting my sis for a photo exhibition and museum trip on Saturday meaning I'll finally have a new location for a post so stay tuned! 

Thanks for getting me to over 100+ fans on lookbook! I never used to use it so that's très cool but know what's not cool? Saying 'très cool'.

Hope you're all très cool (omg I can't stop)
Naz x

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