Monday, March 3

brown shoes

(bershka sweater, zara jeans)

I have NEVER worn these shoes since my 'Miranda Kerr' Inspired outfit (here) and that was in 2012. I decided to pull them out and put together an outfit. My sis recently took the camera we share and I had to pull this outfit from the archives; I never posted it last month  cause I didn't like the finished result. My camera skills have gotten better (I hope) so I cringe a little at these posts! But overall, it's not too bad and desperate times calls for okay-ish outfits. Nonetheless, I'd still wear this but switch out the shoes, I still don't love wearing brown shoes all that much. Nothing I have seems to work great with them.

In other news, I just spent all of today cleaning! I tidied up my closet, cleaned the surfaces, organized shoes, scrubbed my bathroom,vacuumed the floor AND I cooked for the family. I also got to get this post up so overall, it made for a productive day minus the fact I didn't do one bit of study. 

Hope you're all well and sorry for the lack of posts!
Naz x

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