Wednesday, February 19


(zara jeans and top, nastygal jacket, aldo shoes)

My TYPICAL casual outfit. These pieces are the easiest to just throw on. I haven't worn this jacket in so long so I forgot that it's the teeniest bit too big - on the arms and shoulders. You probably didn't need to know that but oh well. In other news, I started playing guitar (and singing) again last night and my fingers hurt like a b****h. My favourite song at the moment is Tokyo by YUI, I used to listen to it years ago! (I listen to Japanese music, yes). I love the guitar in it so I decided to dust off the fret and play. 

Every time I think of what to write as a post, I've found that I always come up with things to complain about - it's way easier to remember. I've been going to the gym so my legs and arms were hurting so badly, of course, on different days, I probably moaned about exams all of January and the weather has been the spotlight of February; just be happy I didn't complain about Valentine's Day! Oh, I also want to apologize in advance because my sister took the camera so for the next 2 weeks there won't be as many posts. I complain about that too.

Hope you're all well, 
Naz x

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