Monday, February 3


This photo kind of sums up what my week off has revolved around - bed and food. And lots of online anime.

Ok, this was basically me during January (exams) except I really never went to bed - if you've been following my blog for awhile you'll know that my sleeping pattern/body clock is royally screwed up and I stayed up till 6/7am most nights and when it came to exams I still wouldn't (and couldn't) sleep until 2/3am. I read SO many ibooks, all the free ones of course; I used to hate reading books on my iphone but reading crappy romance/YA books has been a guilty pleasure and a strange new habit. I almost need to read and complete a book in one night.  Actually, today, I woke up at 4.00pm because I started a new book at 3am the night before, after being out with some friends, and I finished it at 11am and slept until 4pm *sigh* what the heck is wrong with me? College starts Monday and I don't know how I'm going to sleep 'early' tonight.

I've also been doing some scrapbooking and putting up photos on my wall that I like or find inspirational. If you've any favourite publications that you'd recommend, let me know! I'll be posting photos when it's all done!

There's no denying it: I'm a real home body. I love my down time, chilling at home and doing the things I like to do. I'll admit, maybe I like being alone a little too much; of course, when I'm with friends I have a great time but when I'm at home, I enjoy it; it literally takes a lot of motivation to move my ass too.

I haven't done a post like this but more often, I want to incorporate personal posts; I always have things I want to write but I refrain from doing so, and I get too caught up in sticking to a niche. 

Hope you're all well!
Naz x

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