Saturday, January 18


zara jumpsuit - similar, aldo shoes)

If there's one thing I've learn't since taking my own photos, it's that I've more artistic freedom. I have the freedom to create any mood I want - happy, nostalgic or indifferent, which I think suits this post. I've more freedom and confidence in expressions, poses, movements and angles. If you've ever tried to direct a friend/sibling to take your photos, it can be quite tedious, especially when you're trying to achieve an aesthetic. Before I thought I needed  to have the standard outfit posts but over the past year, I've been striving to develop my style and research the kind of photos I like. I want my clothes to exude my mood and my feelings instead of projecting what I think suits an outfit - I always feel fake if I do that. I feel like I'm writing in circles - am I making sense??

I jumped right out of bed and decided to take these photos, I was super tired and I think it explains my lack of ... enthusiasm? but as I said, let's go with indifferent. It was my first proper indoor shoot so I hope you like it! The weather's ultimately been crap but on the bright side I get to explore more ways of shooting posts!

I have to get back to studying now. Exam tomorrow, yay. 
Hope you're all well!
Naz x

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