Wednesday, January 29


(zara pants - similar to ones here, urban outfitters coat, pull & bear top)

I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders! I have a week off and I'm actually freeee; no lingering thoughts about studying, no guilty indulgences; I can do whatever I want right now. I make it sound like I'm going to go wild but really I've just been staying in bed and reading and just chilling till my hearts content. 

I threw this outfit together before heading out to town - I bought a Yankee Candle in 'Black Cherry' and my god, it smells amazing. 

To celebrate the end of exams and my friend Emma's birthday, I went out with the girls and I thought I'd share some photos here, enjoy!

The most fun part was actually when we got home and decided to take an obscene amount of photos! Also, I was delightfully not bothered to wear heels. 

Hope you're all well, 
Naz x

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