Sunday, December 15


Another post concerning yet another procrastination problem. Tuesday I have a 2500 word essay due and I'm currently on 335 words. Did I mention that I woke up at 3pm today!? That's what happens when you stay up all night catching up on The Vampire Diaries (Are you Delena or Stelena? Stelena ALL the way!). 

I always forget about the outfit part of this post; I haven't worn my boyfriend jeans in ages so thought I'd bust them out for a post! Also, I'm in love with this plaid bomber, it feels so silky soft!

Oh and I got my hair dyed! I wanted to go really light brown but since my hair is dark, the hairdresser thought it'd be too drastic which I agreed, so he lightened out the colour all over and added more blondey bits to the ends. Loving it but I do think some of the lighter parts look like they're placed randomly. 

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Hope you're all well!
Naz x

wearing: Zara bomber & jeans, H&M boots, forever 21 top



  1. Love this look! I'm so into plaid right now. Isabella xo

  2. Awesome plaid shirt and I love the jeans O_O Congrats on the cool hair color too <3 Blah, I don't like Vampire Diaries at all :D

  3. Me too! Best trend of the season I think! Thanks for commenting, absolutely love your blog :) x

  4. haha thank you! What!? but it's so good!! x

  5. I love the bomber! I'm a bit obsessed with anything tartan at the moment... to the extent where I will have to ban myself from getting any more of it :D

    B x

  6. I'm jealous! I'm the opposite, I need to stock up on some more haha x

  7. Your style is so gorgeous!

  8. love love love this!!! xx


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