Thursday, December 12


I've become shamelessly addicted to online shopping lately, so much that I've pretty much depleted my bank account supply. The last part of now-recovering purse was spent on these babies! Black and white - are we even surprised? I'd been looking for a simple dress and when I saw this on Nasty Gal, I knew it was perfect.; flowy, flattering and with some shoulder cut-outs for an extra bit of flair. I seriously think it's perfect for any season! 

The white overalls (which was weirdly called a jumper on the site, never heard that before) is more 'on trend'. I've always wanted a pair! I tend to go for monochromatic styles - if you didn't notice from my last post - but I realised that I don't actually own something white all over, sure, I have a basic white tee but no white jeans, jacket, shoes...nothing, so hey, what better time than now?

The black dress is still on sale but I couldn't find the white jumper anymore! Links below!

Naz x



  1. Black and white always gorgeous and no doubt to wear it <3 Love your new stuff !

  2. I can't believe I still haven't bought anything from Nastygal! This post post has been the death of that & I laughed when I read it was called a jumper but now I think about it maybe they meant jumpsuit? We'll never know.

    The Fashann Monster

  3. Their clothes are amazing too but sometimes pricey :/ hahah I think so, it's odd, all of them are called jumpers! x

  4. Can never go wrong with black and white ;) thanks!


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