Tuesday, December 3


Why Lady Arabella? Well, just because. Nah, I kid! In my English seminars we've been studying race, gender and female sexuality from two Irish novels - Carmilla by Le Fanu and The Lair of the White Worm by Bram Stoker. In the latter there is a character called Lady Arabella; she is beautiful, wears dazzling white clothes and is of high birth but she is also mysterious, cold and distant. She possesses an evil power that gives her a sinister quality. The relevance of this is that I couldn't help but think of her when putting together this outfit. I wanted something that looked dark and eerie but chic of course and still  'me'. Despite Lady Arabella wearing all white, I went with black! I'm also in love with my new Topshop necklace; It has an air of regality and power. I threw on a lot of rings and earrings (I haven't worn earrings in about a year or two!) to add to the aristocratic side. 

This outfit isn't over-complicated and doesn't feature any amazing statement pieces but I really enjoyed doing this post! There's something about playing a character through your clothes that's intriguing. I guess that's where actors come in though! Just feeling like I was embodying her was exciting! On the other hand, I really do like a dark, soft grunge look. I also have a soft spot for a deep, dark berry lip!

I would highly recommend both books for Gothic lovers and non-Gothic lovers too (just to be fair, yanno). 
Hope you liked this post and that you're all doing well!
Naz x

wearing: Zara turtleneck, Forever 21 fur vest & heeled booties, H&M jeans. Topshop necklace


p.s. I had a really happy picture in this selection but that wouldn't be keeping with the theme. Therefore, I felt it necessary to leave you with a very unhappy looking Nasreen.


  1. Gorgeous accessories <3 That fox ring is adorable! Love the fur vest!

    - Anna


  2. Never heard those books. I've been browsing "Goodreads" for a good classic read, now I'm gonna try the ones you mentioned :)

    And wow, only you can pull off such a vest and look so gorgeous with it!

  3. They're really good but be warned they're written a little strangely haha glad I could help! And thank you :D


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