Saturday, December 7


Sorry about the fuzziness in the pics! Next time I'll make sure it's actually focused before I commence the posing. 

When you don't have a bag or clutch to hold, hold a Starbucks cup! When in doubt, always Starbucks it. Can we make that into a verb please!? Just imagine, 'Ugh I'm so stressed' 'Starbucks it' or 'Where should we get coffee?' 'Let's Starbucks it'. I'm not sure if the more I say it, it gets lamer or cooler. 

Enough rambling, here's a quick casual post! I couldn't help but think this is something our grandpas would wear. The lapels and the double-breasted buttons is too menswear-inspired to be ignored; also, the brown colour makes me think it so. 

Right now, I'm in Dublin because I'll be helping out at the JOANNE HYNES pop up shop/sample sale - I couldn't leave you all without a post though, what would your Friday be like without it!?
If you've been following my blog for a little bit then you'll know I did an internship with her! If you're around, pop into Tropical Popical on 28 South William Street today before 8pm and on Saturday from 10-6pm. I'll be there on Saturday! Come say hi and there will be great pieces to buy! 

Hope you're all well!
Naz x

wearing: Bershka knit, River Island hat, Hollister plaid shirt



  1. Lol, absolutely love the new word :D YOu have a problem? Starbucks it!!!! :D
    Awesome scarf and hat!

  2. Wow. Dublin? I am sooo jelly. lol. What's it like there? And I love the scarf you're wearing in this outfit. You look so pretty!

  3. haha why would you be!? it's nice I guess, i'm so used to it I'm not too sure! it's pretty small. Thank you!

  4. It always looks so beautiful on TV and in magazines. But then again, everything looks beautiful on TV and in magazines. So you could be right. Lol. And you're welcome! <3

  5. hahah well there are beautiful parts, I do like it! So true :P


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