Tuesday, December 31


I wanted to do a round-up of 2013 but not with all the normal blog photos that you've seen before! Sometimes when I'm out taking photos, I get a little weird and happy. The folders end up being filled with wacky poses, weird faces and a lot of jumping motions, but only 4-5 make it onto the blog; they're usually tamer versions of me. I make it sound like I'm wild, I'm not, but well, I get dramatic (as you'll see). I thought this would be a perfect way to showcase a few of the unseen photos! 
Don't forget to tell me which looks were your favourite :)

Moving on to more composed shots...

Some random moments from 2013 - white flashy teeth one is when I got my braces off! Taken from my Instagram (nasreenosman)

And that basically brings us up to date! My favourite looks are the last three ones, which were yours? :)

I can honestly say I enjoyed 2013. It wasn't spectacular but I feel like I've actually accomplished some of my new year's resolution (how rare!). Looking back through my archives made me realize that my content is slowly getting better and I'm getting more comfortable - before I would think too much about the clothes, and you probably noticed as the photos went on that I started looking more like me. Or maybe you didn't.

Blogging regularly has definitely been one of my accomplishments this year! 
Tell me something you've done in the year that you're proud of! Anything at all; I'd love to know! 

Here's to 2014 being even better! *clink*
Hope you're all well, 
Naz x



  1. loved this post! i can totally relate to everything you said!

    so excited for blogging in 2014!

    Lauren Taylor


  2. Wonderful recap! That's why I love being a blogger cause one can see a whole year in his blog :D

  3. I love your red tartan shirt and distressed denim look! Looking forward to seeing more in 2014!

    Mafalda ❤

  4. Lovely outfits throughout the year. Happy new year!!


  5. love your style!! you are gorgeous!! happy new year!



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