Tuesday, December 17


After seeing Anouska from Anouska Proetta Brandon do a Christmas gift guide, I realized that a lot of the things on the list is something I've been wanting for awhile. I haven't done a wishlist in FOREVER so here is a little Christmas edition. I kept clothes out of it because well, it's never ending and most of it isn't Christmassy. So here are 6 options that I'd love to get and hopefully, you get some ideas out of it too! (click name of product for link to shop)
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1. Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette - yeeezus (what has my life come to...) I want this palette and I want it bad. Look at those colours! From what I've read, the hype around this is worth it. 

2. Grace Coddington Memoir - I've been wanting this for a while now but hey, what better time to get it than as a present?

3. Diptyque 'Foin Coupé' Candle - It took me about 7 tries to spell that right. Is it just me or does every beauty blogger have a diptyque candle!? Anyway, I've heard all the scents are amazing so any one will do!

4. Rifle Paper Co. Journals - Rifle Paper Co. have AMAZING and beautiful stationary/iphone cases/notepads etc. for all your journalistic and scribbly needs. 

5. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 - For all your hipster, soft-grunge polaroid moments.  

6. EM Cosmetics 'Chiaroscuro' highlight & contour stick - I think Michelle Phan is a GENIUS for making this. Who else finds it incredibly hard to find a contour and highlighter? And to have a 2-in-1 product is brilliant. She doesn't ship internationally yet so I guess it'll be on the wishlist for another while :( but all you American make-up lovers, go right ahead.

That's it for now! Happy almost Christmas and I hope you've gotten some ideas!
I'd love to know what's on your wishlist this season? If you've anything to recommend, comment below :)

Hope you're all well, 
Naz x



  1. Would love that Grace book! Adding to my wishlist too!

  2. I've heard so many good things about it!!


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