Friday, November 29


Another post AND on time!? What is this madness!? I woke up extra early before college to snap some photos of my outfit (that's determination, I love my sleep). This meant, of course, that I was confined to the space of my room, which is serving me surprisingly well, but I guess that's up to you to decide. Because I was limited with time, I decided to take some photos after college, hence, the difference in lighting! Take a look below and tell me which you'd prefer to see on the blog!
Also, tripods are tricky. Especially old ones but c'est la vie, hope you like them. 

Aesthetically, I prefer the pinkish glow of the second batch of photos but in terms of showing clearly an outfit, the first may be more suitable. But I think it's rather boring (the guitar is placed there in the hopes of spicing things up). I'm going to be trying out a lot of different angles in different rooms and will try select the one! If you have any tips for indoor shooting, send them my way! (email if you want!) 

It would help loads if you left me a comment saying which style of photo you prefer so I know for the future :) 
A little bit to say about the outfit, I originally wore a crisp white shirt but I looked way too proper especially when I planned to slug away hours at the library so I really chilled it down with this 3/4 length tee from Hollister; an overall easy, comfy fall outfit. 

Anyway, hope you're all doing well! I have no college tomorrow...3 day weekend whaddup!!
Naz x 

wearing: Forever 21 suspender skirt and cardigan, Hollister t-shirt, rings from topshop, river island and forever 21

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  1. i went through a period of really wanting suspenders and i would have paired them with a skirt much like this outfit here. lol but i /never/ got a pair and now i think perhaps it wouldn't be a good look for the office :( oh well.

  2. you should totally get some! This skirt actually has the suspender part of it but you could clip them to work trousers and wear a white crisp shirt! :D


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