Monday, November 25

ombré knits

Just a quick post to saw hey and no, I haven't disappeared. Despite the simplicity of these photos, my GOD, it was so hard to set up the little shoot in my room. I'm missing the most important part for my tripod so I had to set it up on top of my lamp on a bedside table with other nonsense and once I took the photos and was getting ready to upload them, they were corrupted!!! I was going to give up but then I thought 'no you lazy shit, go do it again' and voila, here they are. This was my first time shooting indoor and lighting was crappy but I hope you like it; a full outfit post will be coming soon!

Something I love about fall/winter is that you can wear a funky knit and instantly look kawaii (cute) without much effort. This one is pretty snazzy in that it has an ombré effect; I love it but I originally wanted it in blue :( I really want to get a big, cream cable knit sweater that'll cover my bum more when I wear leggings so if you have any recommendations, I'd love to hear! 

SIDENOTE! For awhile now, I've been really getting into beauty and skincare and really spending the time (and money!) to grow a nice collection. I must say, it's pretty fun and satisfying. So, I'd love to share of my favourites or make-up routines on here. Style outfits will still be the forefront of the blog but will feature just a few snaps of current lipsticks/fall looks/new products etc. If you think you'd like to see that, be sure to let me know in the comments :)

p.s. I wanted to do scribbling on these pictures, squiggly lines and such...anyone know any good programs for that? The computer equivalent of 'A beautiful mess' app!

Hope you're all well!
Naz x

wearing: Vero Moda knit, leggings from some store in aussie, not sure!

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  1. Corinne EstabrooksNov 25, 2013, 12:00:00 PM

    Cute sweater :) my favorite online photo-editing site is Pixlr! They've got stickers and a "doodle" option as well as some great filters and easy-to-use adjustment tools :) I hate shooting inside too, I feel like I don't have a space big enough!

  2. thanks a mil! Didn't know Pixlr had those features, will check it out x


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