Sunday, August 18

stripey and strappy

I couldn't resist putting one funny photo in.

Another scarf turban! Even though they've been around all summer, they've only now become my latest obsession AND they didn't cost a thing. I was rummaging through my mom's drawers and found all these gorgeous, dainty summer scarfs, and so, I turned them into turbans! I will be wearing them into winter, no doubt about it. 

Hope you're all doing well!
Naz x

wearing: chic-a-booti denim jacket, forever 21 top, primark necklace, stradivarius jeans, zara sandals, unknown bag.

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  1. Man, you always come up with such amazing outfits, mine feel all crappy looking :D

    Especially love the bag and jacket and shoooes *_*

  2. awh don't say that haha everyone has a different style so I'm sure they're not. Thank you :) x

  3. God those shoes are just amazing

  4. I know right!? I'm in love with them.

  5. Wow, what an amazing look! Your shoes perfect, and you're really beautiful! ❤

  6. I love everything about this outfit! xx

  7. THOSE SHOES ! they are fab! xx


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