Wednesday, August 28

peter pan collars

"Cover Girl" laugh frolicking around trees. 

A few things to explain: first, I just came out of the shower, hence, my untamed messy lil fro and second, I have the hue of a zombie because I have no make-up on! Honestly, I'm not one to make a huge fuss if I'm not wearing any products. I love wearing no make-up even if I know I look tired!  

Hope you're all doing well!
Naz x

wearing: River Island bomber jacket, Forever 21 shirt, New Look jeans & boots

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  1. You don't look like a zombie at all :D Awesome jacket btw!

    Never heard of Zorbing though :D

  2. You don't look tired at all! Love to hang around without make up from time to time too! Love your bomber jacket, I want one too! :)

  3. haha you're too kind, thanks :D you should try it, it's so fun!

  4. thanks, I hope not :P same, my face feels so freeee!

  5. Polly DaszkiewiczSep 1, 2013, 2:41:00 AM

    Love your jacket!

  6. I never thought I'd return to the Peter Pan collar, since I already went through that fashion phase in grammar school. But I love it, and last May bought myself a black and white polka dot blouse with a black Peter Pan collar. Gorgeous. I like yours too, Nasreen. It looks great with that sweater.

  7. BTW: Are there any alternatives to posting comments here anonymously? I don't want to hide who I am.
    - Lynette Benton
    Stylish Ole Woman

  8. thanks for the lovely comment! Yep, you should be able to sign in as a guest/through disqus itself :)


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