Tuesday, July 16

sports festival

Just a quick OOTD post to share with you guys! It's been really hot and this maxi skirt is perfect as a light, breezy option. I didn't have my camera so these were snapped with my iPhone, I feel like the quality should be better considering this? We took these at a sports festival, judging by my outfit you can tell I didn't play.

A PROPER post will be up soon! Sorry! I'm not used to actually doing things in my life and being busy. (If you didn't know, I just started an internship at JOANNE HYNES studio. More here)

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Naz x

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  1. Great outfit. I have shoes just like yours.


  2. You are such a lovely girl, adore the fancy skirt with that top ^_^

    Best of luck on the new internship :P

  3. Looking very beautiful! I loved the skirt and as a coincidence, I have the same pair of slippers! Your outfit is very cool! denisesplanet com

  4. thank you! hahah nice, they're a great pair of slippers to have!

  5. Hi, great post :) You look lovely!

    Please check out my recent posts?


  6. I've been searching for such a skirt for a long time and now I've decided that I will sew it myself, because I can't find it anywhere.. Amazing outfit, everything looks so good on you. :) http://neverdreamedaboutthis.blogspot.com

  7. I really love the skirt and I must say you have the right body for it. For any outfit in fact




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