Sunday, June 16

SUNDAY STYLE CRUSH: Gladys Doris Dave!

NEW POST SERIES! "Sunday Style Crush": every Sunday, I'll feature a blogger or anyone who's style I've been loving over the past week, which means I'll be checking out a LOT of blogs. I want to do this to discover more blogs, give my readers some style inspiration and hopefully, you'll support the blogs that I feature too.

So, today's first and ever style crush is... GLADYS of Gladys Doris Dave! She is a Belgian/Filipino (like me! minus the Belgian part), 20 year old fashion blogger and guys, I kid you not, it only happens once in a while where I find a blog I absolutely love, and she's joined that list. She is a graphic design student, and well, she loves cats (I think you can see part of why I'm a fan).

Why I'm loving: I just love how Gladys' clothes are a mix of high-street and vintage/thrifted pieces without one outweighing the other. Her outfits always exude an effortless cool feeling. Some outfits are simple and minimal while others are printed and feature a pop a colour; but what you can count on is a great red lip that spices up every look. When it comes to fashion, I really appreciate versatility, variety but also personality and I see just that with Gladys' style; there's minimalism, prints, laid-back chicness and layering. You can also find great songs at the end of each post!

Favourite Outfits: 

We can definitely relate to her blog in that, she does wear things twice (like all of us) and yet she can recreate a whole new outfit! Just look at how these next two outfits compare. The first photo features a floral piece buttoned up as a dress and in the next, she works it as a cardigan. If you're a personal style blogger then you'll know that it's just not possible to wear something new in every post, and it's important to get creative!

 More Faves:


With 3000+ fans on lookbook, you can expect to see more of her! I'd encourage you to check out her blog and share the support and love :) I'm a recent reader and can't wait to see more great posts. 

Feel free to leave links below, and you might just be my next Style Crush! and a big thanks to Gladys for letting me use her photos, she's so lovely! Are you a new fan of hers now? ;)

**Also, let me know your thoughts on this post series and if you'd be more interested in seeing bloggers or fashion icon people/celebs! 
Naz x


  1. omg i LOVE this idea!! :) so nice to share blogs that you love.. she is just stunning!! :)

  2. Her style is flawless! I love her red wedges with the floral dress. And such a nice idea to share what you love about other bloggers :)x


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