Sunday, June 30

crazy cat lady

I love cats. Their eyes, whiskers, little paws...everything is just so goddamn cute. I what, why are they so cute!? Anyway, I could blab on and on about why I love them but that'd probably bring out my insane crazy cat lady side (you don't wanna see that), so instead, enjoy my various facial expressions, displaying my joy when I see a wittle kitty cat. 
I have a very important question for you: Cats or dogs? Comment below!
I did warn you. I look weirdly concerned here. 
My "oh my God he's following us" face. I believe he understood my beckoning calls.
The "omg this is too cute" face.
Cats just looooove belly rubs. 
 We made it to the carrying phase. I was very happy about that!
Notice the cat on the Topshop bag? Double whammy. BOOM. 

Haha okay so this post is kind of random. I thought it'd be fun to share a more "my life" type post and less posey, serious outfit-style photos. That would seem to suggest that my life is all about cats. Trust me, it isn't (I wish).

There are sales EVERYWHERE, and my god, I spent hours around the city trying to find the best items to buy with my limited amount of money. I have to say, it was quite a success. 

As we speak (write/read-you get me), I am in Wicklow Belfast (update: my dad surprised us) for the day and those photos will be up soon!

Have a great weekend!
Naz x

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  1. Hahaha, this is such a cute post dear!

  2. I'm a huge fan of cats! Lovely pics dear! :)


  3. How lovely that you came across this sweet cat - you both look very stylish!

    It would be impossible for me to choose between cats or dogs for me. I've only ever had cats, and I love them! However, I have the feeling that I'll have a dog sometime in the future. Did you see this video: ? It keeps me laughing for minutes, and warms my heart up towards dogs. :)

    Hope you had a great weekend in Belfast! Do give a shout if you're ever in London.

    x S

  4. I'm definitely team dogs, I don't like cats or find them cute, haha! Love your pants and the ankle boots, really have to buy myself a pair of similar ones!

  5. whaaat!? haha I know so many people who don't like cats though!

  6. I LOVE that video! gets me everytime haha I have a feeling I'll be getting a dog too ;) thank you darling! will do :)

  7. aww I like cats but my mum never let me had one hahah she hates them LOL so I always have dogs! the are so lovely and loyal! so I say team dogs ahahah love this post hun <3


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