Friday, May 31

more stripes + alexa chung hair update

New Look dress & Urban Outfitters fringed bag

Hey guys! So, today was hot. And by hot, I mean, like, HOT HOT. I walked to town in this outfit (and back) without a cardigan or jacket of some sort. If you live where I live, you'll know that this is NEVER possible and that while you can do that, there is always a risk you'll regret it because next thing you know -  it's raining. 

In my Alexa Chung hair post, I told yous that I cut it like that BUT I have departed from that hairstyle and it is now an asymmetrical bob.  As much as I wanted it to be like Alexa's, it was wasn't meant to be. I always felt short hair would suit me more than long so a few nights ago at 1 AM, feeling spontaneous, I decided to chop it all off. It took longer than expected and I went to bed at 4 AM. All in the name of good hair. Have you ever cut your hair yourself?! it's a lot of work, I'll tell ya that!

One last thing! sorry for the quality of these photos! Tripod wasn't working, no one was around to help, so with a few books and the trusty ole wheelie bin, I had to make do. Anyone got a better idea? please let me know. 

Until next time, 


  1. You are a brave girl, I have thought about cutting it myself and .... can't, I get terrified.
    Very cute dress .... and hair! well done :)
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    1. haha it was fun to cut, thanks! you should just go for it :)

  2. I totally love the bag!


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