Wednesday, May 29

striped top + blogging hiatus

H&M top (sim. here) | New Look jeans | Aldo slippers (sim. here) | Topshop necklace (sim. here)

Hey guys! Wow, it's been a long long time, and I'm so happy to be blogging again. I forgot how I much I love interacting with you guys! So, I went on a unplanned hiatus in January. Here's why: I was struggling to

find inspiration. I wanted so badly to post personal style photos but with no camera, I felt I couldn't, and another problem was that I had only one friend who was really willing and enthusiastic to help me take photos. Of course, I kept posting, and you can see that from my archive; I wrote some "Howto" posts, I tried using my iPhone and asked help from my sister, and whenever I could, I would take style photos with my friend who has a DSLR. I know it sounds petty, but hopefully, you understand, more so if you're a blogger.

I started feeling unhappy with the content I was posting. I wanted it to be the best of my ability instead of writing about anything for the sake of getting a post out, which resulted in lower views and engagement from you all. Despite the break, I've been checking my blog everyday since, and never lost sight of what I still wanted to achieve. For months, I saved my allowance and finally bought a DSLR, and as you can see from this post...I'm very happy.

I want to say to all my readers that I know it's very important not to let little things hold you back, and that you should work with what you have but in my case, it got to the point where blogging was uninteresting and a struggle. I wanted to achieve a higher quality of content with photos that I take, and that I like, and so the hiatus ensued. If you need a break, take one. If you're unhappy with the content you're producing, stop what you're doing, and write/post what makes you happy. 

 BUT now, I have my resources, it's summer time, and I'm brimming to the FULL with outfit ideas that I can't wait to share! Don't worry, I won't be a roller coaster going up and down as regards motivation. 

So, I'm SORRY guys for 3 months worth of  non-existent photos haha and I hope you still remember my blog at this point. 

Be sure to let me know if you've taken a hiatus and why :)
Naz x


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  1. great blog! i came across it from a comment you made in IFB. and i definitely agree that sometimes we need to take a break and refocus ourselves - whether that means saving for a new camera that will inspire you, or taking a good look at the world and bringing unique content to your site. "keeping up" is not fun if you feel like you don't have anything unique to YOU yet - but keep at it!

  2. glad to hear you agree! we need to do whats best for us and then we can produce content that we love and hopefully, others too :) thanks!

  3. That's a totally mature and honest post to write.. we all need to get back on track some times, well done for having the determination to get there!! love your blog :) x

  4. Thanks Katie! It's definitely hard to stay on track, but having goals in mind definitely keeps you motivated x

  5. Oh, I understand you totally! I had the same situation, and I guess I still do, even though I'm posting every week. I feel like I don't like my previous outfit posts, or any other post I make now. I have no idea what to do, but I suddenly got disappointed in everything I'm doing with my blog. It sucks because I know I need to keep goin', I just don't know how to make my style unique and beautiful. How did you fight this feeling of not liking your own content?


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