Monday, January 14

Spring Trend Round-up

Ahhh, it's almost here. Warm weather (still cold), flowers blossoming, leaves on trees, bunnys hopping around, and of course SPRING FASHION!!
It feels like it's been light years since Louis Vuitton shot out its checkerboard print but it's drawing close, and I think we all need a bit of a refresher. These trends are all so wearable so pay attention!

I'm not gonna go through all of them but just my favourites, Enjoy :)

1.  B&W, Checks, Stripes

Suno; Alexandre Herchcovitch; Marc Jacobs

Black and white everything. Checks everything. Stripes everything. I think you get the idea. Imagine you're wearing black skinnies and a striped b&w tee and what d'ya know? You're right on trend! Haha but do mix the b&w prints for more fun.

Why I'm loving it: it's so simple and easy to pull off! Finally moving away from the crazy graphics we saw last season and toning it down. I especially loved the Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuittion show.
I can't wait to try checks and combine everything together to have a mixed printed outfit.

2. Dropped waists
Marc by Marc Jacobs; Vera Wang; Prabal Gurung

Drop waist dresses were seen quite a lot on the runways, inspired by the flapper dresses of the 1920's.

Why I'm loving it: I absolutely love clothes emphasizing my waist which is why I love this trend. It's a chance to try something new. The dresses seem ideal when you want to wear something comfy, shaggy but chic. I'm also a big fan of the glamorous flapper dresses of the Jazz age and The Great Gatsby (can't wait for the movie!).

3. White & Sheer
Timo Weiland; Thakoon; Prabal Gurung

Kind of like the peek-a-boo clothes (another trend this season) wherein you're showing some skin here and
there but it's less edgy, less peek-a-boo, and more revealing.

Why I'm loving it: I love ultra feminine clothes and I think sheer is perfect! It's airy, light and has a dream-like quality. Plus, having a sheer outfit ALL in white...well that's just heavenly.

Okay, so there's my top three trends! In case some of these don't touch the tastebuds, here are more trends:
  • Leather- more and more!
  • Electric colors- hot pinks, blues, greens
  • Vests
  • Bomber jackets
  • 90's denim
  • Jewel Embellishment
Hope you liked this post, and have been inspired to try out these trends.
What are your favorite ones this season?
Naz x


(Photos courtesy of Refinery 29)


  1. Gorgeous picks! I'm loving the dropped waists as well, they're so chic :)


  2. I almost can't wait for spring!! Great inspiration post :)

  3. Hey Nasreen,

    Love your trend selection, I'm so excited for Great Gatsby too...mmmm Leonardo DiCaprio...
    I really adore your blog so I decided to nominate you for the Liebster Award :)you can find out more on my blog:

    Have a nice day!
    Rachel xx

  4. lovely inspirations

  5. Hey Nasreen!
    I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! check out my blog for details:)

  6. Following your blog
    Would love for you to check mine out xx

  7. Oh wow! WOWnderful inspiration!! :)

  8. I really love the black and white trend going on this season!
    Isn’t That Charming.

  9. love the sheer white trend !!


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