Friday, November 2

military duties

Zara jacket and jeans
Urban Outfitters tee
(Photos taken Kevin Ferguson)

It's fall. Time to tone down to basics, mute colors, sweaters and unwind with the nice, warm pumpkin latte you ordered from Starbucks...well that or you could sport the latest trends (with the pumpkin latte of course). Everyone knows that military clothing is very in this season and I'm loving it. It's time to toughen up your look and add some edge. Yes, I probably went full on commando by adding the leather jacket and military boots but it just felt right. Of course you could do the complete opposite and pair it with chic strappy heels (Zara always have amazing heels) and a basic v-neck tee in a color of your choice, oh and don't forget to roll up the ends of the trousers to show off those amazing ankles! But its cold cold and you need to cosy up into a jacket. What kind of jacket you say? This is where a faux fur jacket comes in handy! Again, I purchased one recently from Zara and it's a lifesaver. A leather jacket can of course be worn too but layer up underneath and throw on a big scarf for protection against the icy really is a battle out there ;)

Naz x


  1. Love how you styled the camo pants! I voted for you on lucky community and following you now! Would you like to follow me back?


    1. Awh wow thank you!! :D I'll definitely check your blog out!

  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Love this look!

  3. Hi pretty girl, you coat is very can share it to me! i found a malls, supply real fur coat, it's great

  4. Your style is very cool! Almost similar to mines! I love biker jackets and combat boots!

    Sincerely, Shevon

  5. i love the military trend,great pants...

  6. I like this outfit! it has something so loveable!<3



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