Thursday, October 18

ear cuff inspiration

River Island ear cuff
Minx bracelet
Bershka rock tee
nyx make-up

Hey guys, so I've been looking for an ear cuff for aaages and I found one in River Island that I love <3 This morning I wore it and felt inspired to do an edgy, rock-vibe look. I slicked my hair back into a high ponytail which on the plus side is like an instant face lift! I used foundation blah blah and some sunset orange and a burned pink for my lids. I wanted to go a little bit heavy with the eyeliner to make it noticeable so I used Maybelline gel-liner and just did a winged eye but I messed up on one my eyes I think! (I can never get the line perfect :/) To complete the look I wore a basic kind of rock tee, any band tee will do or anything that looks rock-like and wore my spikey bracelet! Hope you like it :)

p.s. yeah out of the blue I got this pimple which is UBER annoying but oh well 

Naz x

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  1. you are just gorgeous! and i love the cuff.. so nice! :)


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