Thursday, November 1

less spooky, more cosy

H & M sweater
Cotton On skirt
Urban Outfitters scarf

Hey guys! Happy Halloween! Before I go on I want to say sorry for the little thread for hangers popping out in one of my photos. So its getting colder and COLDER as the days go by! Even though I'm wearing a skirt in these photos, I felt warmer than I usually do in jeans and my new sweater is so cosy and I love the colour. Didn't do anything exciting for halloween today, hung out with my friend Kevin listening to the annual spooky special on FM104, played some games with the kids which was fun and watched the pretty fireworks go up :) Did I mention I've been cheap camera searching? well I really need one, I feel dedicated to making this blog really work for me...i love doing it! Kevin let me borrow his Nikon D3100 which was amazing so he's gonna be helping me out a lot more :D So What did you do for halloween? What did you dress up as? :) Hope it was great!

Naz x


  1. Cute jumper

  2. the beauty should be have in girlhood..Very cute! if you need a gift about real fur coat in christmas. you can easy buy one! a Black Fur Leather Trench Coat may suit you better!

  3. hey girl,thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, following u too :)

    keep in touch xx

  4. That`s a nice sweater. I love the color so sweet.



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