Sunday, November 23


So, that essay I was talking about in this post? Well, it's finished and now I've fallen into a slump of sleeping in, skipping lectures and constant lazy hair days. But tomorrow's Monday which means a fresh start! And speaking of fresh starts, my closet is in desperate need of one. What were once my favourite sweaters and tees are now dull and living a lonely existence on the upper clothes rack. They're in perfect condition though which makes me think I could sell them? You know, give them a better home. It's what they deserve.

(zara top, forever 21 cardi)

Thursday, November 13

Mesh / Lace

Firstly, can I just say a huge hello to all the new visitors and especially new readers from bloglovin! HELLO. The other day, I checked my blog stats and saw that there was a huge spike in pageviews; I frowned, let out a little sigh and thought to myself, "it's spam messing up my stats". But there it was, I saw the words "" in the referer section. More frowning and disbelief ensued until I clicked the link and yep, there I was. I'm not 18 anymore but hey who cares! I can tell you, no exaggeration, I literally shouted "WTF" (and not WTF the acronym) at my screen, and had an expression that was a cross between a twisted smile and hysterical laughter. You can see the feature here. Now, all I have to say is 'lol'. But seriously, there's been a huge influx of followers especially on instagram and bloglovin so thanks Buzzfeed and you all!

I wrote this in my updated 'about' section but it's worth repeating again. A lot of you have emailed me recently about how I'm learning Korean and blogger questions! It's been great talking to yous so feel free to write for anything

Just drop me an email for a detailed answer (, tweet me (@lazyobsession) or if you want, leave a comment in one of the posts,감사합니다!

Oh and yeah, new shoes. I'm not a heel person and I've specific tastes but every once in a while, you see a pair and think, "YES. Those shoes! THAT is for me." and that's exactly what happened. The mesh, laces and height are all perfect for me.

Sunday, November 9


2,500 word essay due on Wednesday, currently on 700 and it looks like it's going to stay that way for the night. If you've read 'The Waste Land' by T. S. Eliot you will literally understand the nightmare that is trying to write an essay on it because the whole time you're just screaming internally, 'there's too much going on!!'. But bravo Eliot because the poem also makes you think 'holy crap' in the most wow-this-guy-can-write-I-suck kind of way.

In case you didn't notice, I did indeed cut these culottes myself from some Forever 21 pants, kinda crappy job but its all good!


Thursday, October 30

안녕하세요! / Lonely

I should just rename my blog to "Once again, I'm sorry I haven't posted in ages, I've been super busy with college and the weather's being a b*tch". I'll admit that when it's been more than a week and I fall out of the blogging routine, I get a little lazy (a lot lazy). But seriously, being in my last year of college is already so stressful (so many cases in Law, so many readings in English - to which everyone will say 'duh'). On another note, 안녕하세요! Hehe, yes that's Korean and since the start of October I've been diligently learning it (a.k.a. procrastinating) simply because I found this Kpop band I like (B1A4), then my sis said there was an infographic to learn the Korean alphabet in 15mins (yes, really) and so I did, but it felt wrong to end it there!

Also, at the end of this post is my absolute favourite song at the moment by B1A4 (I love CNU)...just give it a try, 감사합니다!

Oh my god, I almost forgot to mention that on my birthday I had a major haircut! I now have an undercut on the sides and back of my head; I wasn't planning on it but the hairdresser offered and I happily accepted - I like change.

p.s. if you're a Korean speaker looking for an English buddy, hit me up or any Koreans/Korean-learners email me :)

(h&m top, zara jeans, pull & bear sandals)


Monday, September 22

Back to School

Let me rephrase: back to waking up at 6:30, not getting up till 7, commuting, lectures, tears, assignments, exams...and more tears - metaphorical tears but hey, who knows what the year holds? But yes, college started back up today and I am not exaggerating when I say I feel and felt no desire to be back. I'd also usually put a bit more effort into my overall look but I was perfectly happy in this outfit - simple and comfy. Ahh I'm definitely not ready to throw myself into the books! So many mixed feelings but that's another days post. The best thing about being back? I get to wear this bag that my stepmom bought me as an early birthday present. It's the perfect size for notebooks and my laptop aaaand I'm also just a sucker for satchels in general. By the way, my birthday's on Thursday which means I'll be expecting some chocolate and cards in the post ;)

p.s. I'm loving my new Nike Free Runs! I unapologetically splurged almost an entire week's paycheck on them. It's comfy shoe heaven. Worth. Every. Penny. 

p.s.s. I'm looking to collaborate with local and aspiring photographers in the Dublin area for the outfit photos on the blog! Please email me - lazyobsession(at)gmail(.)com or tweet me! It'll be fun ;) If you know anyone or would like to recommend, pass me along their info or drop a comment below. Thank ya.

(zara top and jeans, naj oleari satchel, Nike free runs 5.0)

Oh, sidenote: the blog URL no longer has as a domain - it's now just :)