Monday, May 16

丁度いい・just right

So April has come and gone but that hasn't been the case for blog posts. April was a weird month - I'm not really sure what happened so for now, I'll use that as my scapegoat. It's weird - when so much time has passed usually there's a lot to talk about but because so much time has passed it's as if I've completely moved on past things that have happened. And yet, a simple scroll through my photos will prompt all the jokes, stupid moments, amazing food and selfies that took place. I could check but I'm just gonna go ahead and say that April was filled with those. Somehow, this post is starting to feel melancholic but I think the main point I was getting at is that I don't have anything significant to say today. 

(rodeo crowns skirt, forever 21 top, nike 5.0 shoes)


Naz x

Wednesday, March 30

飛行機・ airplane

It's finally getting warmer here but that hasn't stopped my hands and feet from being cold all the freaking time. I don't know what it is about Japan that made this happen but all I know is that I can't rest my face on my hand without warming it up 5 mins beforehand. 


Naz x

Wednesday, March 9

どうしよう・what to do

Have you ever struggled to write 3 letters? Like really struggled? Cause that's exactly what delayed this post from being posted 2 hours ago. So basically my mouse pad is a piece of s**t and doesn't move smoothly anymore. I was editing a photo (as you'll see) and was trying to write 'lol' for the LONGEST TIME. Then of course once I actually accomplished that (30 mins later), my laptop decides to crash while it saves. Now this, naturally, means that I should take an hours break to pretend that I didn't just waste all that time on the most insignificant word ever. 

On the other hand, this sweater is the best thing ever. Got it in the men's section which, by the way, always seems to have better stuff.


Naz x

p.s. what looks like a bilingual post title is actually a trilingual one because 'what to do' is the name of a Korean song to which I leave the link here below. har har so clever.

Friday, February 26

雨の日・ rainy day

So last weekend I narrowly escaped the undesirable bum bruise by-product of snowboarding. The last time I went was years ago in Switzerland with my family so I think I have that to thank for not starting as a complete beginner. But it definitely felt like that. Enough words though, photos to come soon. 

(adidas track top, nike runners, zara jeans)


Naz x

Thursday, February 11

変な日・ a strange day

Winter means going out in public and leaving only your eyes visible to the crowd. God forbid you show your mouth. Of course, in this space I felt obliged to show at least more than 1-2 quarters of my face but truthfully, once I leave my apartment, the scarf goes up and the hat comes down. It's all eye-action from there on out.

On another note, today was a really weird day. From getting the location of a taiko performance wrong to having a local man stare at my friend and I from across the street to this said friend losing her wallet and us having to go to the police box with her landlord and him wanting to see where my apartment is to buying shoes and getting parfaits at a cafe, today was a really weird day.

p.s. the old man was super cute and we waved at each other and nodded. ><

(randomly inserted photos: illuminations at Nabano no Sato; and an amazing dinner I had recently)