Monday, September 22

Back to School

Let me rephrase: back to waking up at 6:30, not getting up till 7, commuting, lectures, tears, assignments, exams...and more tears - metaphorical tears but hey, who knows what the year holds? But yes, college started back up today and I am not exaggerating when I say I feel and felt no desire to be back. I'd also usually put a bit more effort into my overall look but I was perfectly happy in this outfit - simple and comfy. Ahh I'm definitely not ready to throw myself into the books! So many mixed feelings but that's another days post. The best thing about being back? I get to wear this bag that my stepmom bought me as an early birthday present. It's the perfect size for notebooks and my laptop aaaand I'm also just a sucker for satchels in general. By the way, my birthday's on Thursday which means I'll be expecting some chocolate and cards in the post ;)

p.s. I'm loving my new Nike Free Runs! I unapologetically splurged almost an entire week's paycheck on them. It's comfy shoe heaven. Worth. Every. Penny. 

p.s.s. I'm looking to collaborate with local and aspiring photographers in the Dublin area for the outfit photos on the blog! Please email me - lazyobsession(at)gmail(.)com or tweet me! It'll be fun ;) If you know anyone or would like to recommend, pass me along their info or drop a comment below. Thank ya.

(zara top and jeans, naj oleari satchel, Nike free runs 5.0)

Oh, sidenote: the blog URL no longer has as a domain - it's now just :)


Tuesday, September 2

Crash and Restore

You know what's worse than having your laptop crash while you're in the middle of work? Having your laptop crash and being forced to restore factory settings...albeit before you've had a chance to back-up anything. To state the obvious, that's exactly what happened to me. All my music, photos, college work, inspiration pictures, photography and random tidbits are all GONE. I've had a few different things stored on dropbox and google drive so that's some consolation but there's no hiding the fact that I spent the whole day (ok, at least 7+ hours) re-downloading all my music; luckily my desperate plea was answered by my lovely big sis who sent me huge album bundles. Is it weird that I'm super sulky over the fact that my itunes play count has been resetted? I don't know about you but I take pride in the 300+ times I've played 'Sure Thing' (Miguel Cover) by Trails and Ways.

(river island pants, zara top) Photos by Kevin

On a fashion-related note, I'm really on a roll with food-baby friendly clothes which is just perfect for winter. 

Tuesday, August 19

Dernière Danse

If we're going to personify clothes, then I would say smock dresses are my best friends: I don't get sick of them, they're comfy (friends can be comfy) and due to the baggy waistline (can you describe waistlines as baggy?) they don't reject me if I indulge in too much dessert. On a different and very familiar note, it's been awhile since I've done an outfit post and that always results in me suddenly forgetting that I do have control of my limbs and so, I can't remember what exactly to 'do' in front of the camera. Thank goodness for the copious amounts of shots taken.

Also: new shades! (finally.)

(vero moda knit, zara dress, ASOS shoes, UO sunglasses) Photos by Kevin

note to self: don't wear a very crumpled, low-neck cami under this dress while taking photos. 


Wednesday, August 6

say you'll be there

I can finally say that my lack of blogging is due to something worthwhile and not my usual lazying about at home, reading obscene amounts of manga. For the first time ever, this girl is getting some dolla$$ (I was going to say 'dough' but any excuse to use the $ sign). Earning money while eating copious amounts of free froyo has never felt so good! Although, regrettably, my messed up sleeping pattern (I once stayed up until 10am) combined with my lack of motivation results in this blog feeling a little neglected and blue. This also means that these recent acquisitions you see here aren't that recent so be prepared for another at the end of the month! Sorry blog and thanks to those of you who manage to stick around. Y'all cool  ✌. 

hollister undies, topshop rings, pull and bear sandals

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Monday, July 7

eye of horus

(truly madly deeply top, puma suedes, river island pants - old)

I've started an exercise program through the Nike training app and I was really looking forward to the 15 min yoga session but half way through I realized it was a toning session; as I said on my twitter - not zen, not zen at all. 

Besides non-zen feelings, it's my sisters birthday today (and SO many celebrities I noticed) so happy 20th birthday sis! even though I know you don't read my blog - anyone else with me there!?


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