Monday, March 16


I don't have a lot of time on my hands right now - I'm still in the middle of writing a law essay actually - but I wanted to post asap. The book this week - MAUS by Art Spiegelman. Well, actually, it's a graphic novel aka. comic book. Spiegelman retells his father's stories of life during World War II and his life in the Auschwitz camps. That's a very short description that really doesn't do it justice but you really have to give it a read! The comic style makes it very easy to engage with and it's just not like other books written about the Holocaust. Can't exactly get into too much depth here because I might bore you with a post-modern analysis but I recommend this to everyone. Really. It's so moving and interesting; and you can finish it within a day.

Sidenote: I'm wearing heels in these photos...wuuuut. Let me know what you think!

(hollister jeans, zara jumper & heels, daniel wellington watch)



Wednesday, March 4


For the lack of current inspiration, I've decided to name the next few posts after the title of the book I'm reading. This way, people will look at the post and think 'Atonement? What's atonement got to do with an outfit post? Is she trying to be all deep!?' this, of course, will lead to an inevitable click of curiosity and voila! they're now a reader of my blog. That's genius self-marketing right there. 

But this doesn't mean that I've finished the previous book when I write a new post since I'm currently reading 3-4 books at the same time (English-literary-student-problems ay?). I'm halfway through 'Atonement' and so far so good! (Briony is a pain in the ass though amiright?) But alas, I'm taking a break from it and have started the next one...which you shall know from the title of the next post ( see?). 

(river island bag, zara leggings)

p.s. Sorry that the colours are a bit off here, editing was a pain because despite going out around golden hour I was having some problems with the shade (evident from the one patch of sunshine) and I was rushing! If you didn't notice then none of this happened...carry on. 


Monday, February 9

bare hands

Finally, outdoor photos! It was actually absolutely freezing when I took these, I think my hands were as white as *insert metaphor here*. I guess I have nothing else to say except that I'm back to college and the amount of work that I have to do has sunk in but hasn't taken effect yet.

(hollister shirt, h&m cardi, aldo bag)

Naz x

Saturday, January 31

cut-out heart

I'm not really one for polka-dot dresses or heart-shaped cut-outs but after scouring through town with my sister trying to find a suitable interview outfit, we settled on this dress. I wore it with a blazer, pointy flats and nice little leather bag. I wanted to recreate the outfit but I didn't have the blazer or more accurately, I gave it back to my sister (hehe); and so I decided just to dress it down. 
Anyway, February is almost upon us and that means college starts again (... all too soon).

And in case you were wondering, the interview went pretty well; I came out feeling satisfied with my answers (although a few questions stumped me) but not gonna get my hopes up too high just in case. Fingers crossed!

(forever 21 dress)


Naz x

Tuesday, January 27

after dark

Guys, I have an interview tomorrow for the JET programme - where you go to Japan for a year and work as an ALT (assistant language teacher). I've read so many differing opinions on the interview process, how they purposely try to throw you off, good cop bad cop style questions and overall, you leave feeling uncertain! I'm just gonna try my best to stay calm and enthusiastic despite whatever reactions they may or may not give. But just imagine me cracking a small joke only to find stony faces staring back at me. I'm sure they're lovely people though so just. gotta. stay. calm. Wish me luck!

On another note, my latest 'accomplishment' is reading After Dark by Haruki Murakami in 4 hours - it was that good! I really recommend it; it's different so definitely don't expect some huge action or climax. It has a subtle yet strong strength.
P.S. you might be happy to know that I've finally posted a song that's actually in English.

(old topshop sweater, forever 21 pants, nike free runs, vero moda scarf)


Naz x